Zap You Are DEAD!

With each passing day the allied administration of Afghanistan wobbles between tragic comedy and black farce. When not burning Korans or bombing wedding parties they are sneaking half mad soldiers, who have adopted personal campaigns to reduce the size of the population, out of the country.

For all the good they are doing they might as well offer tribal chiefs free egg and bacon breakfasts.

However despite the Obama /Cameron solidarity pact proclaiming to the world they will stick it out to the end, for those not in the know the end is not that far away. It’s in 2014, how I have longed to say the end is nigh. However no mention has been made about the pace of troop draw down. I think it’s a safe bet that as the clocks ticks around to welcome in the new year in 2014 there will be little left of the allied force. Not much more than a man and his dog.

What then will have changed in this new order of self Government for Afghanistan. What is to stop the lunatics  from once again taking over the asylum. Certainly there will be no grim and determined allied troops on the ground.

No after much soul-searching and not a little planning in the Pentagon I think that this truculent and backward place will be the first country to find itself enveloped in the new style of 21st century warfare. The Americans have for a long time been sending Drones over enemy lands.  First they replaced the Spy Planes which flew just this side of space . Then they replaced the  planes and tanks which fired the rockets and cannon.

The success of the Drone is now an established fact. Ask the people in the tribal lands of Pakistan who are subjected to these death flights on an almost daily basis. Eyes pinned to the skies enemies of America scurry about their business. They know that whether in the their homes or out in the open they are not safe from the menace from the skies.

The Yemen too has an increasing body count thanks to these computer controlled killers. It not only takes out the foot soldiers. After failing by traditional means to kill the first American born citizen to top its most wanted terrorist list the Americans finally blew Anwar al Awlaki  to bits  with a Drone. With him at the time was another American born terrorist Samir Khan who died alongside him. A little more than a week later a second Drone was sent in to polish off his 16-year-old Abdulraham ,also described by the authorities as a terrorist.

It was once said that an ability at darts or snooker was a sign of a misspent youth, until the public starting shelling out money to watch the stars of these games play. Now its the turn of the Geek. Every little boy who ever locked him self  in his bed room while zapping an ever more sophisticated enemy in ever more realistic games is now an ideal recruit for the Special Ops department of the CIA in Langley, Virginia. The most competent of them  have a future ahead sitting back in a comfy chair, coke in one hand mouse in the other, while a camera in the sky follows an unsuspecting victim in his vehicle along a dusty road some thousands of miles away.  Then when the Geek presses the button and screams “Zap you are dead,” it’s really true—the ultimate reality game with real good guys and bad guys and ultimately a real human quarry.