Scotland Stands up for Israel

This headline immediately caught my eye when I saw it on the net.  After all the Scottish Nationalist party  which governs the country, and wields similar powers to that of an American or German state , has long been an unquestioning supporter  of the Palestinian cause.

I soon discovered it wasn’t so much as all change but a play on words. A private clinic in the Scottish capital, Edinburgh, is offering a new break through treatment for male impotency developed at Haifa’s Rambam Hospital.  The treatment is based on a series of low intensity electric shocks which in most cases completely cure this embarrassing problem.

As no drugs such as Viagra or Cialis are used there is no chance of side effects and the other benefit is the cure is permanent. Drugs like Viagra are not a cure and have to be  taken  repeatedly based on the patients sexual activity. The cost of this pioneering treatment, which for now is only available privately at the  Spire Murrayfield  Hospital is £1500 or nearly $3,500.

My immediate reaction was Israel was targeting the wrong market. Sure the hard drinking Scots are ideal candidates for such treatment and who knows the reaction of satisfied patients might mean they view Israel in a new light. No what Israel really needs is a sub contracting firm that could export this medical treatment to Iran. I am sure a whole host of elderly Ayatollahs would be grateful for it. Who knows it might even take their minds off developing nuclear bombs to threaten their neighbours with.
On second thoughts this might be too high a price to pay for the long subjugated women of Iran.


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